THE BRAVE - neue Single online



THE BRAVE stellen mit "Dreamless" die erste Single ihres Debutalbums "Epoch" vor, welches am 5. August via UNFD. Der Song enthaelt einen Gastbeitrag von NORTHLANE's Marcus Bridge. Frontmann Nathan Toussaint zum Track:

"I wrote Dreamless about when I was going through a pretty tough time in my life and sleep pretty much became a non existent thing for me. When I finally did get some sleep I was still waking up feeling as if I hadn't slept in days... It was just adding to the issues I was already trying to deal with and was just building up. I didn't feel like the person I used to be, I felt like a bit of a zombie just walking around aimlessly. When Dreamless started to really come together I knew straight away that was the song for Marcus to feature on. It was amazing to watch him do his thing in the studio, I've never seen someone just come in and nail take, after take, after take and then bust out all these amazing harmonies at the drop of a hat...It was crazy!"