THE BRONX - weiterer Albumvorreiter



Bevor das neue THE BRONX Album "Bronx VI" am 27. August via Cooking Vinyl erscheint, stellt die Punkband aus Los Angeles unten mit "Curb Feelers" einen weiteren Vorabsong der Platte im Stream vor. Frontmann Matt Caughthran zum neuen Song:

"Every Bronx record has a backbone track, a sonic anchor that sets the tone for the entire album. “’Curb Feelers’ is the rock that the rest of the record breaks itself against.” 

Guitarrist Joby Ford zum neuen Album:

“I’m excited. From day one we really decided that we wanted to make a record that went in different directions and places. The thing I like a lot about it is that everybody contributed songs. It’s not just Joby J. Ford guitars with Matt singing over it. I loved listening to what other people wrote, and I think those differences and nuances really come through.”