THE CASTING OUT - Chris Rakus draussen



THE CASTING OUT waren ja immer schon Mitgliederschwankungen ausgesetzt und nun vermeldet man den Verlust von Gründungsmitglied Chris Rakus.

Lest selbst:

"It's always hard to to start something new when you leave something behind that you love. I guess these are the only words that I can start filling this empty page with.

I guess this note can be summed up by the fact that I am leaving The Casting Out after almost three years of touring, writing songs, recording, sitting in vans, laughing, and enjoying the company of old friends and new ones. Believe me when I say that these years were very meaningful, and there is no regret in having spent them in this band.

There are several reasons for leaving- namely I have feel the need to grow up a bit and take care of my family business well as live out some other goals of mine. A lot of these reasons can not be met personally because of touring. It's a sad but true fact. But to everyone that believes in this band ......everyone that loves the music- know that these guys are dedicated to playing as many shows and working very hard at making this band go as far as they can. If there is one thing that I learned from departure it is that fact. Be proud to know they will continue to make great music and simply succeed.

Just knowing I will never really play our songs again in a few days hurts ..............they mean a lot to me and always will. I don't want anyone to think they didn't. When we played that was and the music and all of you. It was never a made up was real. All I ever wanted in this band was for at least one person to remember us in the long run.......and maybe to make a difference in their life. I feel like bands that can bring this change are very rare today.......I feel like The Casting Out is and will continue to be this type of band.

I could write all day on this makes me sad to see it all go.

In closing. Thank you everyone. All the fans, everyone that listened to us, the bands and road crews I have had the pleasure to share the road with, Destiny, revolver and fail safe......and anyone that remembers what music and the scene can be again.

To Nate, Lee, Pat, Jack, Darby and Josh : You are all very talented people, and it has been a pleasure to have played with you. I truly cherish your friendship.


Christopher Rakus