THE DANGEROUS SUMMER - Video zu “Where Were You When The Sky Opened Up”



Mit “Where Were You When The Sky Opened Up” stellen THE DANGEROUS SUMMER einen neuen Song vor. Fuenf Jahre war es still um die Band, bevor im letzten Jahr das aktuelle Album "The Dangerous Summer" erschien. Seitdem war die Band fleissig auf Tour und arbeitete mit Sam Pura (The Story So Far, Basement, Hundredth) an neuen Songs. AJ Perdomo, Frontmann der Indierockband, kommentiert:

 “We went into the studio with Sam Pura at the end of 2018 to work on some new material, and this was one of the first songs we came into the studio with. It has taken a million different shapes before it became what you hear today. This song is about letting go of your old self, and taking on a brand new world”