THE DESTINY PROGRAMM neues Album kommt im April



THE DESTINY PROGRAMM werden im April ihr neues Album "Gathas" veröffentlichen. Auf der Homepage der Band ist diesbezüglich zu lesen:

"The laziest band ever (us) is very proud to announce that our brand-new album "GATHAS" will finally hit your speakers on April 23rd through Bastardized Recordings.

For the first time, we produced an album on our own and we are pretty satisfied with the result. For the mixing and mastering, we were able to work with our good friend Tue Madsen again. So be prepared for a bunch of good news within the next few days.

Our sites at MySpace and Twitter as well as our homepage will be relaunched in the next days. Along with the redesigned MySpace-page, you will find the new song "Avesta" and the cover-artwork of "GATHAS", which was done by genius Seldon Hunt.

Be sure to check everything out and tell us what you think. So folks...the waiting is over!"