THE GHOST INSIDE - bald im Studio



THE GHOST INSIDE werden die The Brick Hithouse Studio in Hyannis in Kürze betreten, um ein neues Album aufzunehmen. Das beue Werk ist mit "Returners" betitelt und wird im Februar 2010 via Mediaskare Records erscheinen. Sänger Jonathan Vigil sagt:

"We're going to be flying to Massachusetts next week for about a month to record our new record. 'Fury And The Fallen Ones' has been out for a little over a year and in that time we've been fortunate enough to tour with some of our favorite bands, play some unreal shows, see the other side of the world and make tons of amazing friends and fans in the process. We're very lucky dudes.

"As far as the new record goes, if you like TGI now, you'll love the new record. 'Returners' is way faster, really heavy and hard-hitting. We just stuck to writing/playing songs that we love to play, that mean something and that we would listen to even if it wasn't our band. We have some big plans for 2010 and we want to thank everybody that makes our shows so awesome and that's helped us to get to where we are. Keep an eye out for 'Returners' and we'll see you guys very soon."