Das neue THE HOMELESS GOSPEL CHOIR Album erscheint am kommenden Freitag via Hassle Records. Vorab stellt der Songwriter aus Pittsburgh unten einen weiteren Song von "This Land Is Your Landfill" im Stream vor. Mastermind Derek Zanetti kommentiert "Blind Faith" wie folgt:

"There's a sparkle in the eye of those in positions of power when the people are scared, paranoid, and in need of guidance. The danger with Religion is that it holds hostage common sense and good basic reason for something that is intangible, unexplainable, and without proof. Theres is a comfort in blindly following something.  I think people feel secure with clinging to an answer even if they know that the answer they have is wrong. That's what they are banking on, and that's the scariest part. This song is about continually witnessing others  getting beat by blindly following something they know is broken, and not being able to get through to them."