THE ICE: Neue 7"



Via Save My Soul Records werden THE ICE eine neue 7" veröffentlichen.

As the end of twenty-ten approaches, it’s time to recap the last year and have a glimpse at the future.

Well, can’t say enough good things about 2010, that’s for sure. Releasing our highly anticipated 12inch with Street Survival Records (Timo, thank you for believing in THE ICE) and managing to share the stage with a number of bands that turned us to the core when we were still younger kids (SOIA, H2O, BREAKDOWN, ALL OUT WAR), made this year a great year for THE ICE.

At the end of last summer, we decided to lay low for a while, though, and moved into a new rehearsal studio to write and record fresh material for our upcoming 7 inch on Save My Soul Records ( or This 7inch which will be released in March 2011 as a limited promotional single for our full length album, coming out next summer. Preorders and artwork will be up within the next weeks, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for updates on these releases and be sure to check back our and SMS-Rec.’s social network profiles to stay in touch with what’s happening.