THE MOVIELIFE - weitere neue Single im Stream



THE MOVIELIFE präsentieren mit "Ghosts In The Photograph“ eine weitere neue Single aus ihrem am 22. September via Rise Records erscheinenden Album  "Cities in Search Of A Heart". Frontmann Vinnie Caruana erklaert:

"Brandon (Reilly) and I have poured every ounce of ourselves into this record. It's not easy visualizing what a Movielife record would sound like in 2017. We wrote and wrote and wrote, and got to an amazing place. This is not a comeback record; this is something truly special. This album is a project we are both immensely proud of and can't wait to share it with the world. Full steam ahead."

"Cities In Search Of A Heart" - Tracklisting:

01. Ski Mask
02. Mercy Is Asleep At The Wheel
03. Ghosts In The Photographs
04. Sister Saint Monica
05. Pour Two Glasses
06. Lake Superior
07. Laugh Ourselves To Death
08. Blood Moon
09. Youre The Cure
10. Hearts