THE MUTE GODS - Debütalbum im Januar



THE MUTE GODS sind Nick Beggs, Marco Minnemann und Keyboarder Roger King. Das Debütalbum des Trios aus dem STEVEN WILSON-Umfeld heisst  ‘Do Nothing Till Your Hear From Me’ und erscheint am 22. Januar 2016. Unten gibt es bereits das Artwork zur Platte - erste Songeindrücke sollen folgen.

Nick Beggs zum Release:
"The record has a number of moods. But overall, it’s a rather disgruntled rant at the dystopia we’ve created for ourselves and our children. The song “Swimming Horses” is a warning about the passing of time and the rising of tides. “Feed the Troll” is a dedication to all those who have too much time on their hands.
The person who has helped me realize this record is Roger King. We worked together for quite a few years in the Steve Hackett band and when I approached him last year about producing, I was honored and surprised when he agreed. His strengths are my weaknesses and I believe we complement each other rather well. But the public will have the final word on that.
After working extensively with the Steven Wilson band, I invited Marco Minnemann to play drums for me. Although I have a couple of other guest drummers like Nick D’Virgilio and Gary O’Toole, Marco is playing on the majority of tracks. He also added his genius with some sound modeling and guitar.
Sonically, you can expect an album that tips its hat in the direction of alternative rock and pop, due for release in early 2016."