THE RODEO IDIOT ENGINE - machen erstmal Pause



Das Jahr neigt sich dem Ende zu und THE RODEO IDIOT ENGINE lassen es in einem Statement Revue passieren. Dabei lassen sie uns auch wissen, dass sie sich nun erstmal ins Studio zurückziehen werden, um an neuem Material zu basteln, bevor es evtl. im zweiten Quartal dann wieder auf die Bühne geht:

We had no time to say something since we came back from our last and 7th tour of this busy and crazy year, so here we are.

We crossed 30 countries during nearly 100 shows, recorded an LP, shot a video and had ones of the best moments of our 5 lives.
This year was full of pain, joy, sacrifice, friendship and sadness but it always worth it. We had the chance to met awesome humans every day, saw breathtaking landscapes and certainly lived things that money will never be able to buy.
We simply grew up as a band and as persons.

So we would like to thank all the people that helped us during the last 12 months.

Obviously all our labels (Throatruiner Records , Black Lake Records, Dingleberry Records, Swarm Of nails), especially Matthias, for their help on releasing « Consequences », Amaury Sauvé for being the best producer, engineer and friend we could have to record this LP and As Human Pattern (Greg & Greg) for being able to transcribe our weird ideas on a screen (

A big shout to all the bands/friends who played with us, particularly to our brothers SELENITES, LE DEAD PROJET(RIP), The Prestige, The Brutal Deceiver, Divider and Downfall of Gaia.

Then all the promoters who set up shows for us, the people who fed us or gave us a place to sleep, the ones who cames to our shows, who bought something or simply said « Hi ».
Without you guys we would never been able to go through all that.

A last big thank to the 6th member of the band, Medo. He was with us on nearly all the tours as a sound engineer, merch-guy, entertainer and unstoppable source of bullshit. We love you garlic-head.

We will now take a break at least until April and go back to our rehearsal room to write some new materials so don’t expect new shows before that time. We don’t know yet what will be our touring plans so we are open to every kind of proposal, just drop us an email if you are interested in seeing us in your city :

Finally because pictures are worth a thousands words, here is an awesome live shot from one of our last shows by the guys in Phonoscene, hope you will enjoy it.

See you in 2014.

Alan, Jérôme, Mikel, Thomas & Txomin.