THE RUMJACKS - Video zu “A Smuggler’s Song”



Von ihrem aktuellen Album "Saints Preserve Us", welches im Oktober erschienen ist, koppeln die Australier von THE RUMJACKS “A Smuggler’s Song”, aus und praesentieren diesen unten inklusive Videoclip. Jener entstand auf Tour in Thessalonikki, Griechenland. 
Frontmann Frankie McLaughlin kommentiert

“'A Smuggler’s Song' is a modern take on the Rudyard Kipling classic of the same name and pays tribute to the original work in the chorus, celebrating the idea of free trade and the bounteous world of imitation brands & dodgy goods all while side stepping customs & excise”. More importantly, he adds: “It’s also a tribute to anyone whose field of work often takes them far from home and loved ones...Touring musicians included”