THE RUN UP - Debutalbum am 3. Oktober



Die Briten von THE RUN UP verkuenden das Release ihres ersten Full Lengths: "In Motion" erscheint am 3. Oktober gleich auf mehreren Labels (je nach Releasegebiet). Zuletzt hatte die Punkrockband aus Bristol ihre 'Good Friends, Bad Luck' EP im November 2018 veroeffentlicht und war seitdem massiv auf Tour. 

Bassist Daniel kommentiert:

"It's amazing to have so many rad labels and people involved with releasing our new record, we are truly honored. We 10 long days in York recording with Dave Boothroyd at Reel Recording Studios and it was an amazing experience. Dave is a champion and has became a good friend through the experience. He pushed us and helped the record turn out to be what it is, our best yet by a long way.
We spoke to lots of labels, including some huge ones; we listened to our friends and took on all the advice we could. We needed to feel comfortable with how the release was going to be and we are so stoked with the labels involved. Real Ghost Records in the UK, Gunner Records in Europe and our new friends La Escalera Records (CA), Swamp Cabbage (FL), Money Pit Music (GA), Get Party (Canada) and &Vinyl (TN) in North America have all been a dream to work with. All amazing people who we are eternally grateful for for putting their  belief in us."