THE RUN UP - Video zu "Portraits"



Am 3. Oktober erscheint das neue THE RUN UP Album "In Motion" via Gunner Records. Anbei stellt die britische Punkrockband mit "Portaits" einen Vorabsong inklusive Videoclip vor. Im Statement von Bassist und Videoregisseur Daniel Baker heisst es: 


"We wanted the video to match up with the song meaning. The lyrics are about spending so much of our lives staring at screens that give us impossible standards. Even when we are with people who we are close to, it can be easier to retreat than talk about all the things we should. In the video, we wanted to show the dynamic of how it feels society is heading... a farther spedning all his time on his phone, looking at this false world created by try-hards and so called 'influencers', but in reality he has his son, the best thing in his life right there in front of him. We need to snap out of this new world that we are creating for ourselves and get back to basics... go outside, talk to each other, live your life your way, not how someone with a few million followers has."