THE RUN UP - erster Song vom neuen Album online



THE RUN UP aus Grossbritannien stellen mit "WKND" die erste Auskopplung ihres kommenden, slebstbetitelten Debutalbums vor. Die Platte erscheint am 15. November via Real Ghost Records - zuvor werden die Briten u.a. beim THE FEST in Florida zu sehen sein.

Zum Song selbst erklaert die Punkrockband:

"The song is about working all week to get out at the weekend and have fun with friends. All the live footage came from the recent tour with our buddies Uberyou; we all worked every day, drove to the shows after work in the van; drank, partied, danced and had the best time… And then drove home, got in at 3am, got up for work at 6am, worked and then did the same again and again! But it was so much fun.
The other clips represent good times in summer, hanging out with friends. We felt it flowed well with the song's lyrics: “We will soon be overheating but the laughter will be flowing”...
In terms of the song choice… I think mainly because this track is not really like anything we have written before and so stood out to us. Also it's the track that opens the vinyl record; it's immediate and has that kind of energy, so it felt right to use it as the first single."