THE SPILL CANVAS - neue Single der wiedervereinten Emoband



THE SPILL CANVAS um Frontmann Nick Thomas, haben sich erneut zusammengetan und hatten vor einigen Wochen ihr neues Album "Conduit" angekuendigt, welches am 5. Maerz via Pure Noise Records erscheint. Anbei stellt die die Band nun mit "Darkside" eine weitere Videosingle vorab vor. Thomas kommentiert:  

“I feel this 3rd single from 'Conduit' is the most suitable song to demonstrate our concerted effort to make the most dynamically vast rock album we could. Mining the lyrical content from several old demos, I couldn't be happier with the outcome-a cohesive portrait of a wildly toxic relationship from my past; wrought with infidelity and jealousy on both sides. Merging with the minor key, up-tempo groove, there's an attitude of darkness the title references that we sought to adequately represent on this new record"


Zur Tatsache, dass viele Emo/Indierockbands der ersten Stunde sich wieder zusammenfinden und teils neue Musik veroeffentlichen sagt er: 

“It feels amazing. We’d seen all these bands doing resurgence nostalgia tours for 10, 15, even 20 year album anniversaries, but I wanted to know if any of them were still putting out new music, because writing has always been what I love most. I’ve been waiting for this new album for nine years”.