THE STANFIELDS - Video zu "Desperation"



'Desperation' heisst die zweite Video-Single des neuen THE STANFIELDS Albums 'Limboland', das die kanadische Punkrockband am 23. Maerz veroeffentlichen wird. Anbei ist der Stream zum Clip zu finden - Sänger Jon Landry schreibt dazu:

"People are desperate for so many things - for approval, acknowledgement, love or a legacy. I believe that today’s ease of communicating idea and product preys on these insecurities - causing us to make decisions and snap-judgements that we may live to regret, or to be dishonest with ourselves. As I get older, I’m discovering that I hold greater value on simpler things - a quiet moment alone, a nice cup of coffee - but often these moments provide a whole new set of worries. What will our world look like in 30 years when I’m too old to survive on my own or support those I love? Am I truly following my dream or am I merely a vessel for someone else’s? Who is going to miss me when I go back to the soil?
Desperation is a brain dump of all of this and more. I’m not sure if this song will speak to anyone else in this way -alas once a song is written, its meaning is no longer the prerogative of the composer - but I find comfort in thinking that maybe others feel the same as I do."