Nach den ganzen Gerüchten ist es nun amtlich: THE SUICIDE MACHINES haben sich aufgelöst. Hier das Statement von Gitarrist Dan Lukacinsky:

"Yes - the Suicide Machines have indeed disbanded and will no longer be playing shows. We originally had planned on calling it a day at the end of 2005 - but some great offers for tours came in late last year that we just could not turn down so we decided to take them and keep it going. Things just got to a point recently of where we could no longer continue doing this band although we had planned on trying to stay with it until the end of this year.

Jay and I have been doing this band basically since we were teenagers and things have changed much for all of us since that time. I feel like we've had a great run and made some great records over the past 15 years for both Hollywood and Side One Dummy and left a legacy that will not be soon forgotten.

The Suicide Machines far exceeded any of our expectations and I never imagined that we'd be able to ever do the things that we ended up getting the opportunity to do.

Playing shows, working, and becoming friends with many of our heros and influences and traveling around the world to play our music for people are things that I never dreamed we'd be doing when we started this band.

Not bad for a bunch of working class kids from Detroit.

Now we are all doing what we need to do and moving on to other things musically and personally. As the last post about this said I do have a new band with some of my homies called Bayonetting The Wounded which you can check out at . It's lo-fi punk with Hammond B3 organ. It's very new and we have a couple of demos which we recently put up and we are actively working on more songs at this time. We're having fun with it and we'll most likely have a recording out by the end of this year. Not sure what label yet.

It's been a lot of fun! But - all good things must eventually come to an end and this is a positive move in many different ways for all of us.

Thanks to everyone! Much love and we'll see you all somewhere soon!