THE WISE MAN'S FEAR - neuer Song vorgestellt



THE WISE MAN'S FEAR haben mit "What Went Wrong" einen neuen Song von ihrem kommenden Album vorgestellt. Der neue Longplayer "Valley of Kings" erscheint am 29. Mai 2020 via Sharptone Records. "What Went Wrong" ist nach "The Relics of Nihlux" der zweite Song, der von der neuen Platte vorab veröffenticht wurde. Sänger Tyler Eads kommentiert: 

“‘What Went Wrong’ sheds light on the inner dialogue of struggling with self-doubt and anxiety. Relationships become damaged and coping with temporary distractions ends up making it more difficult to find true solace. It's a reflection on the different paths we take in life that pull us away from the people we love".

Über das Konzept hinter dem Album sagt Schlagzeuger Paul Liermann:

“It’s like Journey to the Center of the Earth meets The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring with a tragic twist at the end. Our first three releases fold into each other. 'Castle in the Clouds' took place in a sky landscape. 'Lost City' was Atlantis-style with an ocean. 'Valley of Kings' is underground. It’s a triad of earth, sky, and water. This record is more adventurous. We knew what fantasy elements we wanted to incorporate and how to incorporate them. The story really speaks through the music".