THE WONDER YEARS - "Burst & Decay (Volume II)" Akustik-EP im Februar



Mit "Burst & Decay (Volume II)" verkuenden THE WONDER YEARS eine neue, zweite EP mit neu eingespielten Akustikversionen einiger bereits veroeffentlichter Song. Die Platte erscheint am 14. Februar via Hopeless Records. Unten kann mit "We Look Like Lightning" ein erster Eindruck zum Release der Poppunkband gewonnen werden. 

Frontmann Dan Campbell erklaert:

“On the first 'Burst & Decay EP', we went in with a rough idea of re-envisioning a few old songs and walked out of the studio in love with the process. We were able to breathe new life into songs that had become neglected over the years and give new dimensions to ones that we'd played endlessly. 
This time, we went in knowing exactly what we wanted to do––build new versions of old songs that subvert expectations but remain familiar. We stretched our limits, we got to work with the insanely talented Little Kruta String Quartet, we had a legitimately good time in the studio and we made something we're very excited to share with you".