THE WORD ALIVE - neues Album im Februar



THE WORD ALIVE aus Arizona kuendigen ihr sechstes Studioalbum an: "Monomania" erscheint am 21. Februar via Fearless Records/Spinefarm Records - anbei stellt die Metalcoreband bereits einen Videoclip zum Titelsong vor. Fuer das Album arbeiteten THE WORD ALIVE mit Produzent Eric Ron (Panic! At The Disco, Godsmack) zusammen. Frontmann Telle Smith hat Folgendes zum Track zu sagen: 
"With 'MONOMANIA,' I wanted to capture the emotional roller coaster we go through as we continually kill our true selves battling the 'madness' we feel as we struggle with who we are, wondering at times if there's any point to all of this. Sometimes, we're so desperate to be heard that we get lost attempting to fit in or to stand out. It's fucking hard learning what feels like hard lessons over and over. We fail to take ownership of our thoughts and actions, pulling us further away from facing who we are. You only really overcome that by trusting in yourself, because that's the only way you can break the cycle."