THICK - weiterer Eindruck zum Debutalbum



THICK stellen mit "Bumming Me Out" einen weiteren Song aus ihrem kommenden Debütalbum "5 Years Behind" vor welches am 6. Maerz via Epitaph veröffentlicht wird. Anbei ist der Videoclip der Punkband aus New York im Stream zu finden. Im Statement heisst es: 
“It's one of our more vulnerable songs lyrically, so it was important to inject the video with some playfulness. We collaborated on the concept with Nic Henry (director). He had wanted to introduce the ‘Chill Reaper’ character for a while, so we worked him into the slumber party story, as the night gets weirder and weirder. We constructed the set in Nikki's bedroom as a throwback to our own bedrooms growing up, so there's also a sense of nostalgia throughout.”