THOUSAND BELOW - bei Rise Records



Die Amerikaner von THOUSAND BELOW unterschreiben bei Rise Records und planen noch in diesem Jahr das Release eines neuen Albums. Mit "Sinking Me" stellt die Alternativeband unten einen ersten neuen Song vor. James Deberg, Frontmann der Band erklaert: 

"We're so incredibly excited to be releasing our music video for 'Sinking Me' as the second single off our album. 'Sinking Me' is the opening track of our record and we wanted to set the emotional tone for the album right out the gate with a high energy song that that lived on the 'heavier' spectrum of the record, but also carried heavy lyrical content. We feel 'Tradition' and 'Sinking Me' are great introductory songs for our band to come out the gate with and we're so excited to get the rest of the record released before the end of the year."