THOUSAND THOUGHTS - stellen neue Single & Tourdaten vor



THOUSAND THOUGHTS stellen einen neuen Song namens "Stigma" vor und praesentieren unten einen Videclip dazu. Im September kommt die Band dann auch auf Tour. Frontmann Ethan Smith kommentiert:

“Every day, we all have issues and battles - and we don’t truly know when somebody needs a helping hand, or a friendly ear. We’ve all become very good at keeping it to ourselves by masking, and need to break down these barriers by simply showing those around us a little more empathy”



September 10th @ Backstage Club (Munchen, DE)
September 12th @ MTC (Koln, DE)
September 15th @ Kesselhaus (Wiesbaden, DE)
September 17th @ Musik & Frieden (Berlin, DE)