TIGERS JAW - weiterer Albumvorbote



Die Emo/Indieband TIGERS JAW hatte erst vor wenigen Tagen ihr neues Album "I Won’t Care How You Remember Me" angekuendigt, welches am 5. Maerz 2021 via Hopeless Records erscheint. Mit dem Song "Lemon Mouth"  steht nun ein weiterer, sehr dynamisch klingender Vorabtitel im Stream bereit. Zum Inhalt sagt Keyboarderin und Saengering Brianna Collins: 

"The lyrics for ‘Lemon Mouth’ are very personal and introspective. Sometimes self-reflection only happens for me when I’m thinking about characteristics that I want to change about myself. It can look like this sort of scanning of my own habits, things that are so consistent and familiar- but I can’t figure out the reason why I do them 'Lemon Mouth' is the only song on the record that Colin plays guitar on and the first song that we had ever worked on writing together, which I think is really special” she adds. “In the early stages of writing for the record, I showed Colin an iPhone voice memo of an idea I had written on guitar for a verse, but the chorus wasn’t all the way there and I wanted to know if he had any ideas. He picked up the guitar and played what he was thinking could work and it immediately made the song feel more complete. He helped push 'Lemon Mouth' from just a rough demo idea to a real song”