TINY MOVING PARTS - weiterer neuer Song online



Bevor TINY MOVING PARTS im April auf ihre erste Headline-Tour nach Europa kommen, stellt die Indie-/Punkrock-Band einen weiteren Song ihres kommenden Albums "Swell", welches am kommenden Freitag erscheint.
Frontmann Dylan Mattheisen kommentiert den Song wie folgt:

“‘Warm Hand Splash’ is about having someone special get taken away from you. I used an analogy of being a piece of trash at the bottom of a wishing well, who adores a coin that eventually someone steals from the water. With an important piece of your life missing, you’re trying your best to cope with it.”


TINY MOVING PARTS - live 2018:

18.04.18 - Köln - MTC
19.04.18 - Hamburg - Headcrash
20.04.18 - Trier - Lucky's Luke