TOUCHÉ AMORÉ - weiterer Song im Stream



TOUCHÉ AMORÉ haben mit "Reminders" ihren vierten Song aus dem neuen Album "Lament" veröffentlicht. Nach "I'll Be Your Host", "Limelight" und "Deflector" folgt nun "Reminders". Die neue Platte erscheint am 09.10.2020 via Epitaph Records. 

Über das Musikvideo zum Song sagt Sänger Jeremy Bolm:

“The music video for ‘Reminders’ conceptually was driven by bringing some joy to everyone’s timelines. If we can provide even just three minutes of joy to someone right now that’s enough for us, and who doesn’t love seeing awesome people and their pets? Putting this video together was such a pleasure because it involved talking to friends we love and getting wholesome footage in return. The people involved include artists we admire and contributors to the album. We hope you love it as much as we do.” 

Tracklist "Lament":

  1. Come Heroine
  2. Lament 
  3. Feign
  4. Reminders 
  5. Limelight (ft. Andy Hull)
  6. Exit Row 
  7. Savoring 
  8. A Broadcast
  9. I'll Be Your Host 
  10. Deflector
  11. A Forecast