TRASH BOAT - neue Single mit Milkie Way (WARGASM)



Mit “Bad Entertainment” stellen die Briten von TRASH BOAT einen neuen Song im Stream vor, bei dem auch Milkie Way von WARGASM  zu hoeren ist. Die Single der BAnd ist ab sofort via Hopeless Records zu haben - TRASH BOAT-Frontmann Tobi Duncan kommentiert: 

“Media these days seems to be dead set on constructing a binary rather than accurately representing current events. It’s a divisive means of forcing people to make  a choice between one extreme or the other. In or out, us or them. It’s so easily curated and it knows it’s audience. It’s an entertainment medium like any other, driven by ratings, views and money.
You watch one channel, read one paper and have one ‘understanding’ of the goings on in the world, not knowing that it has been hand crafted to fit a specific ethos and keep you compliant. Gone are the days (if they ever existed) of objectivity, there’s too much nuance in the world for any one person to truly understand it all.m, yet people believe they understand the world from an hour of TV a day to make judgements on their peers. It’s a farce"