TRUTH INSIDE - machen Pause



TRUTH INSIDE sind erstmal auf Eis gelegt. Das Statement der Band:

So to those who have kept up with this band it comes as no surprise that we are officially going on a hiatus. With all of us pursuing different things in life at the moment we are unable to truly put forth the effort that this project deserves. All four of us are still amazing friends, still straight edge, and are still playing music together but right now are unable to press forward with Truth Inside. Anyone who has had the chance to talk to anyone of us about this band knows how much we all love everything about it and how much of a bummer it is to finalize this decision but for now it is what’s for the best. From the very bottom of our hearts we thank every single person who has supported this band in any way, shape, or form we love you all. We have one show coming up in January with VICES and Cold Hearted locally, roll out and hang if you can. With that being said feel free to check out our current projects!

Life To Live Records (Dans record label)
Ben Black (Ben doing folk music)
LSNS LRND (all of us playing heavy hardcore)
DCAN (Dan doing hip-hop)
Pure Intent (Tay and Jacks punk band)
Our Time (Tays pop band)
Face It (New straight edge hardcore)
Also Tay is doing recordings.

We also have a little merch left in our store that will stay active for the time being so feel free to pick something up. We will also be posting updates from time to time from this page so keep your eyes peeled! Also our most recent release is available through the life to live store so please go snag a copy!
Once again thank you all so much, and stay positive!
Dan, Ben, Jack, and Tay