TSUNAMI BOMB dürfen nicht nach Kanada



Tsunami Bomb haben Probleme nach Kanada reinzukommen und müssen somit ihre Shows in Kanada Canceln.
Hier der Kommentar der Band:
"I was planning on writing a regular news update a few days ago, then all this happened... Much to our dismay, we were not allowed to cross the border into Canada yesterday. We had some issues with the Canadian government and they denied us and Kane Hodder at the border. We are extremely sorry that we won't get to play the five shows that were scheduled. The shows are still happening with Crowned King and The Loved Ones, and hopefully next time we try to visit our neighbors to the north, we'll make it across. As for the rest of the tour, we're currently driving across the northern US to play the show in Fargo ND and continue the tour.

In general news, we're really excited to be playing the Warped Tour again, if only for a few weeks. For those of you whose Warped dates we're not playing, we wish we could be there! After our run on Warped Tour (which ends with Long Beach and our own show in Sacramento), we're going to be taking some time off to work on our next album! Yay! We're looking forward to writing new material, and working with Jay for the first time.

Our live DVD is coming out soon, and we made sure to put a few silly extra clips on there for your viewing entertainment. Make sure to watch it once with the commentary so you can witness how silly we are! It will be out everywhere June 21st; we hope you enjoy it.

And finally, the other project we'll be working on during our time away from the road is our mailorder website. We're formulating new and cool ideas for the items and designs on the site. Messageboarders: if you have ideas for new merch items, post them now! We're going to be using a few of your previous ideas -- you are a creative bunch!

Thank you for reading, and once again, sorry about Canada.