UNWRITTEN LAW wechseln Produzent



UNWRITTEN LAW wechseln mitten in ihren Aufnahmen zum kommenden Greatest-Hits Album "Hit List" von ihrem Produzenten Chris Baseford (Rob Zombie, Jack's Mannequin) zurück zu Sean Beaven (No Doubt, Nine Inch Nails), der bereits ihr letztes Album "Here's To The Mourning" aufgenommen hat. Es werden noch zwei neue Tracks für das Album erwartet.

Sänger Scott Russo hierzu: "Working with Sean is a learning experience for both the recording aspect and the mind. Sean gets the best possible takes out of you and he also has a vast knowledge in regards to the world as you know it, or at least how you thought you knew it. I really look forward to those sessions and we're fortunate to have him back on board."
Gitarist Steve Morris fügt hinzu: "Working with Sean is like a dream. I don't have to worry about anything. He is the only producer I have worked with that really knows how to get what you want and the best out of you. Everything he does is great."