Victory Records mit eigener Booking Agentur



Victory Records haben ihre eigene Booking Agentur gegründet. Tony Brummel hierzu:

"This newly established department will book live performances, tours and events for our artists that are without booking agent representation. It will also work hand in hand with our artists that do have booking representation and their managers to optimize and enhance anything related to touring and performing. Personally, I am very excited about this from a grass roots perspective.

All of the best selling artists in our history started off by playing the smallest of clubs, VFW halls, people's basements, coffee houses etc. Touring and performing at that level is the catalyst of artist development. It is also how true, long-standing, meaningful fan bases are built. By establishing a tour booking department, we can be 100% hands on in guiding the organic development of many of our young artists which a standalone booking agency may not yet be able to justify bringing on."