Vorwürfe gegen LIFERUINER



Bei finalen Show von LIFERUINER vor ihrer Auflösung kam es anscheinend zu einigen Problemen und Point Beach Club House in Milford, CT schließt offensichtlich seine Pforten.

Hier das Statement von der MySpace Seite der The Greasy Artist Group (Booking Agency):

11/1 - LIFERUINER - Story

About a month ago the tour manager for Liferuiner, Greg Moore, texted Janine, the girl that normally helps with most of my shows, and asked her to do the Liferuiner -*Last Show Ever*- (They had been in contact because she has a thing for flirting with guys 8+ years older than her - Liferuiner has a tendacy of having people in the band charged for stat rape as we all know)

I already had a show confirmed for this date with WCAR and AA (of the UK) and said, "I could add them to the show but I don't think it would do well at all." It was agreed she would be responsible for the LifeRuiner end.
She said, "Okay, whatever." She thought the show would be amazing. I told her once again this would be HER show, I don't want a part of it; I don't like Liferuiner and I think they are terrible. (I've stated this many times before)
The booking agent emails me; I told her what the offer was between Greg and Janine and she said, "Okay that'll work"I explained to her it was at my venue but I wasn't in charge of this show (same as 10/31 show). It was fine, everyone understood that, until the night of the show came.

Bottom line, she did a terrible job running the door. 117 people were in the room that should have paid (I went and did a head count) and only 74 did. Bottom line, she was short on the guarantee.
LifeRuiner wasn't having this. They were flipping a shit; they had to pay their bills with this band, which to me is probably one of the funniest and saddest things I have ever heard.
They approached Janine about this who pawned everything off on me and Greg played along with it, because as I said before, illegal love was in the air. Contract stated who was responsible for the show, my name wasn't on it.
He knows that - he doesn't care - he should now though.

They approach me in the back while I'm cleaning up the mess. All of them get in my face, and state the usual pissed off tough guy remarks/attitude, "Give us the fucking money or we'll fuck you up + we'll steal the sound system + let's burn this mother fucker down."
I tell them, "I'm not giving you shit. This wasn't my show and I'm in no position to pay for someone elses fuck up."

No one seems to give a fuck about any legalities or the right thing to do in this case except for the drummer, whoever he is, and the other dudes just get pissed and since I am the venue owner/runner they want it from me. While in the midst of trying to prove to them that I wasn't in charge of the financials of the show, I reminded them of who was running the door and handleing all the money while I was two-stepping the whole night in a leftover Snowman costume. They still wouldn't listen so I told them, "You might as well go next door and ask them for the money because they are just as liable for it as I am."

Finally they go back inside to try and find Janine and Greg to talk to them and see what the deal is and the drummer pulls me aside to ask what was going on. He understands everything and says yeah, that makes sense. He knows this was done via texting and all that so he's fine.

I come back in when I'm done five minutes later, I'm assuming the situation was handled since they never came back to talk to me, yet it was handled in the wrong way *Apparently Janine took off and got in someone's car and just Peace'd out without saying anything, especially to me to let me know what the fuck was going on, leaving me to deal with this asshole filled situation* I came in to see my mixer gone.
*Obviously I knew who it was - since they stated earlier that they would do that*
I go up to Aaron, the brand new singer of LR and ask him, "So where's my mixing board?" "No Idea" "Okay, I see, that's cool, we'll see what happens"

I go back inside to check out what else was wrong.
I found BEER (some of you may get what's wrong with that immediately - if not it will click in later) poured directly into my poweramp while it was on. The power amp literally electricuted everything it was connected to including the wall socket which surged out the power on the entire left side of the building (the side the stage gets all the power from and where 90% of the working sockets are).
The speakers were blown, the power amp, and some of the cables are not working.
(Cost: Roughly $4,000 - $5,000)

Those speakers and equipment were borrowed from a friend after the clubhouse was left open by the owner after a stag party and the equipment was taken - action in which he still hasn't taken and I can't do anything about without him)

My friend comes in and tells me he has the license plate number and they just left; so I go to the back and call it in, tell them what happened and that they will be going towards I-95. The police do their job. I wasn't aware they had two cars now, and some of the members of the band were still here, just in a Jeep. They threw some trophies around, smashed some microphones, smashed the thermostat, some holes in the ceiling, smashed chairs, broke tables, broke more lights, they tried fucking with the stage - didn't happen, they attempted to smash a window but apparently wasn't strong enough and left some scratch marks (I found that really funny). To top it off they tagged the ceiling with their name in which they spelt wrong. "FUCK YOU - XLIFRUINERX"
(Cost: Roughly - $1,500 - $2,000 + the cost to fix the electrical line in which we have yet to look at - could range from $100 - $10,000)

On their way out, they ran over a mailbox.
I wasn't even aware of the second Jeep, like I said before, so they gave me that license plate number and I called that in as well. The van was pulled over - from there, everything else is known by the police and the witnesses that went to make the positive ID's.
I'm just glad I had a bunch of very observant friends with me that night.

Needless to say, the owner of the clubhouse was incredibly pissed at this and finally said, "No More".
He was aware of the girl that called 911, on the previous night, after falling on her ass after she started crowd surfing (She called 911 because her wrist hurt when she fell on her ass after she willingly started crowd surfing - nothing was wrong with her....) and that infuriated him enough but he let it slide since I handled that with the police and FD. Yet seeing the vandalism and the police cars and being awoken so late at night, pushed him to the limit.

From what I most recently know, everyone that had something damaged or stolen in this situation pressed charges. I am not sure which members are in jail/prison/holding cells and who was let go or any of the circumstances.

Just to top off this story, as many of you know, this is a very proud band in terms of being "STRAIGHT FUCKING EDGE" yet, it seems as if this band is only straight edge on stage since they consumed quite a hefty amount of beer this night.
What can you except from a band with so many member changes, it's much easier to find someone that can play their set and have them act Straight Edge vs. actually finding someone that actually is.

This is only icing on the cake for the stories of Liferuiner.
Most bands want to go out in a bang, they went out in handcuffs.

*November 4th, 2008 will be the LAST SHOW at PBCH
(That makes it two last shows in a row).

Please come out and support this venue one last time; we will be video taping once again. We are very sorry about this and I am more pissed about this situation than anyone else will ever be since this is now the second venue that has been shut down on me due to complete bullshit.

Thank you to EVERYONE that ever came out to a show here, whatever your reasons were for coming out, the past two years were fun regardless of all the bullshit and drama.

As someone I know said, the reason for shows is to
"Come out for the music, stay for the friendship"

LIFERUINER haben sich in einem MySpace Bulletin folgendermaßen zu der ganzen Geschichte geäußert:

to those who heard rumors about our last show...

None of us were arrested.

None of us are in jail.

We all flew home on sunday and are fine.

Don't always believe what you read on the internet.

The promoter of our last show, greasy, has been blacklisted from CT hardcore for MONTHS. He is well known in the area for not paying bands.

Kids at the venue were upset he didn't pay us, feed us, or provide water to us at our last show, so they took action. The band left the venue soon after the show ended. Whatever happened after, did not include us.

After signing contracts and booking the show, greasy tried to pawn off a 16 year old girl as the promoter when it came time to paying the band. Even ask our booking agent, who is listed on this very page...we have pictures of the signed contract and info sheet. Instead of putting together a good show, greasy put on one band who wasn't even from the area and couldn't even get a third band to fill the slot. We went on around 8:30pm.

The only relationship our manager had with the "promoter", was receiving a partial guarantee from her, because the real promoter (greasy) was to afraid to hand it to him.

The blog on the promoters page has been sensationalized beyond belief. I wish the night was as exciting as he made it out to be...but it wasn't.

As far as the statement about beer....serious lols. Anyone who knows aaron knows that straight edge is the most important thing in his life.

-Posting from prison-