WARS - stellen weiteren Albumtrack vor



Die Posthardcoreband WARS stellt mit "High Art Low Culture" einen weiteren Song ihres "Chapter Three’" vom kommenden Album "A Hundred Shivers" vor. Anbei gibt es den Song im Stream zu hoeren. Das Release sollte eigentlich als EP erscheinen und wurde nun auf Albumlaenge "angereichert". Die Band kommentiert:

A Hundred Shivers began life as this expansion of the ideas we started with on the EP, ‘As Within /// So Without’, and it’s grown and snaked even broader than we originally thought it might. That idea of internal chaos and disorder reflecting out onto the world around you remains, and we talk within that about the relentlessness of just existing in society now; the impact losing yourself has on those around you; escape; guilt; fear… We’re still in awe of the fact we get a platform to go all in on these ideas and bring them out.”

Zum neuen Song sagen WARS:

"We are super excited to continue A Hundred Shivers: Chapter 3 with High Art, Low Culture. At its core, the song is about the disorientation of losing yourself in what you're creating; putting so much into what you're doing as a conduit for escape, whether that's from your own tumultuous thoughts, or the spiralling world around us. Breaking the surface for air once it's done with, I'm usually left with this sense of being a bit adrift and lost, phasing between the world you create and the real one. Like most bands, we're clinging to the hope of being able to put these songs on a stage sometime soon, and with any luck we'll be playing a lot of the songs from the A Hundred Shivers chapters before the year is out."