WAXFLOWER - Video zu "Sixteen Floors"



Die Australier von WAXFLOWER stellen ihre neue Single "Sixteen Floors" mitsamt Videoclip vor. Der Song etstand mit dem Produzenten Stevie Knight (Stand Atlantic, Yours Truly) - fuer den laufenden Monat will die Band zudem alle Streaming-Erloese des Songs an Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service und Black Lives Matter spenden. Rude Records, die neue Labelheimat der Poppunkband aus Brsibane, will den Betrag verdoppeln. Frontmann Tristan Higginson zum Video:

When filming the video for 'Sixteen Floors', we tried to capture the explosive moments of anxiety and sadness associated with heartbreak. We wanted to tap in to what made the writing process so cathartic, representing those themes visually by cutting between two scenes. One based inside a church, the other inside a car, both portraying opposite sides of a breakdown. I believe Sixteen Floors portrays the chaotic inner monologue I felt at the time of writing"