WITCH MOUNTAIN - neues Album im Mai



WITCH MOUNTAIN melden sich mit ihrer neuen Sängerin Kayla Dixon und neuem Bassist Justin Brown zurueck. Das selbstbetitelte Album "Witch Mountain" erscheint am 25.05. via Svart Records - zum Release sagt Gründungsmitglied und Schlagzeuger Nathan Carson:

“We’ve always been a patient band. Thanks to all the touring Rob Wrong and I have done with Justin and Kayla over the last three years, we were able to make this album as a full-fledged, road-tested, family unit. Over twenty years, Witch Mountain has never peaked. Each record and show is better than the last. It was a tiny scene when we started, and it’s incredibly saturated now. But we’ve always had our own unique twist on Northwestern Doom that sets us apart. Can’t wait to share the latest and greatest album with our fans.”

Als Vorabeindruck hat die Band den ersten Song "Burn You Down" veröffentlicht, der unten gestreamt werden kann.