WOES - Debutalbum im Juni



Die Schotten von WOES werden ihr Debutalbum "Awful Truth" am 28. June via UNFD veroeffentlichen. Vorab stellt die Popunkband mit "Money Shoe" einen Song der Platte inklusive Videoclip vor, bei dem der Sound der Band auch Hip Hop und R&B Einfluesse aufzeigt. Am 5. Mai ist die Band zudem im Vorprogramm von MILLENCOLIN in Muenchen zu sehen. Frontmann DJ kommentiert:

“I think it’s the most honest and complete representation of what we want to sound like. It has elements of pop-punk, hip-hop, prog-metal, RnB and flows between them super naturally. The song is about being broke and wanting to use music to provide a better life for your loved ones. We approached with a perspective that matches up more closely with what you would expect from a rapper, rather than a pop-punk band, which gave us some real stand-out lyrics to go along with the music”