WOES - Video zu "High On You"



Die Schotten von WOES sind aktuell mit Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes unterwegs. Im Rahmen der Tour stellt die Poppunkband unten einen Videoclip zur Single High On You" im Stream vor. Saenger DJ erklaert: 
“Before the Neck Deep tour we were playing to maybe 30, 40 people a show, then all of a sudden we were playing to thousands a night. Then on Seaway we would show up at the venue and meet people in queuing with Woes merch on. It was crazy, very humbling. We played High On You on both tours, and no-one in the audience had ever heard it before but we had people jumping up and down to it every night. By the end of Seaway, there were people who had maybe seen us 3 or 4 times singing along, to a song they’ve never heard a recording of - how crazy is that?”