WORRIERS - Song für Song durch "Survival Pop"



Lauren Denitzio, Frontfrau der WORRIERS, hat ein Track-by-Track zum neuen Album „Survival Pop“ zusammengestellt. Die Platte der Band, die u.a. AGAINST ME!'s Laura Jane Grace zu ihren Fans zaehlen kann, erschien am 29. September erstmals via SideOneDummy Records - anbei sind die Kommentare zu den Songs der New Yorker Indierock-/Poppunkband zu finden. Weiter unten kann die Platte zudem komplett im Stream angehoert werden.
85th Rodeo:
I think I wrote and re-wrote this song over the course of a year, trying to figure out how to turn the chorus into a full song. I ended up combining two different songs into one and was able to better illustrate this scenario of accepting that something you thought was good for you isn’t okay and is actually kind of exasperating. 

Not Your Type:
I wanted to write something that thought more about my relationship to being socialized as female and how that affected past relationships. Definitely another song about accepting past feelings and finding a way to move on from them.

The Possibility:
This is my way of writing about adolescence in suburbia in an idealized way that captures more of the secrecy and sadness involved if you’re queer. I wanted to comment on songs that write about women as one-dimensional characters, like someone is just a waitress or just your girlfriend who owes you affection, and not full people with agency. I think I can only enjoy so many of those songs and I just wanted to write my own version.

I wanted to write a response to someone that boiled down to “I wish we had never met.” Gaslighting is when someone manipulates you into questioning your own sanity and I wanted to explore that feeling, of being sucked into something manipulative by no fault of your own.

What We’re Up Against:
I sang the vocals for this song on the day that T%$^p was inaugurated. I wanted to give myself something that made me feel like we can overcome his presidency. Even before it started we knew it was going to be chaos and I needed something that conveyed the feeling of having a baseball bat in your hand. 

Future Me:
I’ve always been fascinated with looking back at past parts of your life as these entirely different lives, detached from your current self. And back in those times you might think about what your life would be like a few years in the future, and I like thinking about “future me” as the person I actually am now, looking back on those times. I like thinking about being my future self, better able to process and accept things and move on. 

Self Esteemed:
I think I recognize past mistakes with a lot of these songs and this song is my way of processing an environment where I wasn’t supposed to be proud of my hard work and creative output. I know too many talented people who shoot themselves in the foot because they think it’s not okay to get attention for the things that you make and it’s something that really frustrates me. 

No Thanks:
I think I’m far too young to have lost so many friends and acquaintances. This is a more personal song about some friends who have passed away and dealing with the regret and nostalgia that always comes with grief and loss.

Glutton (reprise):
This is a rethought version of the song Glutton for Distance, written from a different perspective. 

WTF is Sleep:
I have a decent amount of anxiety a lot of the time and this is something I wrote for myself about the physical experience of it. 

Best Fear / Worst Fantasy:
I wrote this one around “I hope I never have any children” because I think it’s still such a taboo thing to say. I think a lot of this record actually ends up being a way for me to comment on expectations placed on someone assigned female at birth. This song is a way for me to explore feeling like you wish people would keep their opinions about your life choices to themselves. 

Open Heart:
This was adapted from something I wrote a long time ago about having heart surgery, which was really traumatic at the time. I don’t really believe that what kills you makes you stronger and I wanted to write something that allowed me to acknowledge something like that being very daunting and something I barely made it through. I try to take a positive outlook on it, and comment on how those more difficult experiences have shaped me.