WORRIERS - neues Album via SideOneDummy Records



WORRIERS um Frontfrau Lauren Denitzio stammen aus New York/Phildelphia spielen ehrlichen Indierock und verarbeiten auf ihrem neuen Release "Survival Pop" die Emotionen ihres Alltags. Die Platte erscheint am 29. September bei SideOneDummy Records - einen Vorgeschmack gibt es unten mit der Single "The Possibility".

Denitzio zur Platte:

“I wrote the majority of the songs on this record thinking about what past versions of myself would’ve needed or been listening to at different points in my life. I think we’re all probably having a tough time right now and I hope that the songs on the record can be intentionally uplifting and cathartic. The record is called Survival Pop? because I see it as songs for self-preservation.”