YOURS TRULY - weiterer Vorgeschmack auf "Afterglow"-EP



Die neue EP "Afterglow" von YOURS TRULY erscheint am 12. April via UNFD. Vorab stellt die Band unten mit "I Can't Feel" einen dritten Vorabsong der Platte vor. Frontfrau Mikaila Delgado leidet unter dem seltenen Ehlers-Danlos Syndrom und erklaert die Wirkung von Musik auf ihre Krankheit wie folgt:

"When I found heavy music on YouTube I just knew this was what I wanted to do. I knew it wouldn’t be easy to perform at that level but I wasn’t going to let something I was born with stop me... I was too obsessed with this idea of singing in a band and touring the world that the consequences became irrelevant.

‘I Can’t Feel’ is about the struggles where you’re doubting yourself because of a condition you can’t control. Since EDS is an invisible disability, I sometimes have a feeling of having to prove my pain and discomfort for it to be legitimate to other people. This song is really special to me because I’ve always found it hard to explain the way I feel - what other people can’t see. Putting it in a song allowed me to say the things I’ve wanted to say for the past 21 years"