YOUTH FOUNTAIN - Video zu “Helpless / Letters To Our Former Selves”



Das Debutalbum von "Letters To Our Former Selves" erscheint am 8. Maerz via Pure Noise Records. Unten stellt das Poppunkduo aus Vancouver, Kanada mit “Helpless / Letters To Our Former Selves” einen neuen Videoclip zum Opener-Doppel der Platte vor. 

Gitarrist Tyler Zanon kommentiert:

"'Helpless / Letters to Our Former Selves' are the two intro tracks that I always felt set the vibe, pacing and overall tone of what album stands for and means to me. 'Helpless' which contains a few simple lyrics; representing yearning of the past - to commemorate on a given situation that one might have ruined and being able to acknowledge it all, but still having that looming desire to turn back time and fix things”.

He adds: “The continuation of the title track 'Letters to Our Former Selves' is what I've always felt (lyrically) as a mental note on the person I had been in my early teenage years. I wrote the song when I was 18 as everything was changing and falling apart in life - I thought to re-record it for this album knowing it could fit in with the rest of the songs we had. 

As for the concept of the music video - having the 'floating window panes' I always felt tied in nicely with the record, or more specifically these two songs. Hearing and playing them now, I'm sort of able to recollect on the person I was or have been. I like to think the symbolism of a 'window' is an appropriate representation of looking back on things and having that ability of self-reflection”