YOUTH KILLED IT - stellen neue Single "Headbutt" vor



Mit "Headbutt" stellen YOUTH KILLED IT aus Norwich einen weiteren Song ihres kommenden Albums vor. "What’s So Great, Britain?"erscheint am 5. Oktober via Rude Records - die Single kommentiert Frontmann Jack Murphy wie folgt:

“'Headbutt' is a song about the well known and very toxic alpha-male syndrome. I’m sure you’ve met these types of people in your life. They’ll do anything to try and impress you and those around you by lying to your face about being an astronaut, how 20,000 people turned up to your 100 cap gig or how much money they make. At the end of the day, if you do that you’re a very sad person, we won’t be friends and we’ll be left with wanting to Headbutt you instead”.