Crisis Never Ends - Where Hate Found A Place To Grow



Release Date: 01.01.1970

Crisis Never Ends - Where Hate Found A Place To Grow



Ok, first when i got the cd to review i wondered about the cover showing a war scene ( probably the gulf war ) because this cover seemed not to fit which the sound i remembered from Crisis Never Ends: Newschool with a metalcore influence, but with a big emotouch. After I listened to the CD the first time, i recognized that their sound has changed quite much since i heard them the last time: no more emo, but more metalcore. Ok, what to say about the CD: The layout is quite simple, including the lyrics – which are about very personal topics, they deal with topics like trust, hatred towards ourday society etc., i think they are really worth to be read – but nothing more: there´s nothing written about the band, about ist members etc but i think it´s ok that way.

What to say about the music? Well, it´s quite difficult to describe or to compare to other bands: There are five songs on the Mcd, each of them is quite long ( all about 5 min. ) and it´s very metalinfluenced new school with some melodic and some spoken word parts. Most of the time the songs run through quite fast but there are also some slow moshy parts ( dancing on these parts should not be impossible :o) ).

To sum it up: Where Hate Found A Place To Grow is their first Cd and it´s quite good. These guys seem to have quite much potential. Check some out live too, last time i saw them on the Southside Rebuilding Fest they really could convince me.


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