D.R.I - Dealing with it



Release Date: 01.01.1970

D.R.I - Dealing with it



D.R.I.'s 2nd album released in 1985 was and is one of the most important albums in bridging together the gap between hardcore and thrash. D.R.I. were one of the most prominent 'crossover' acts of the mid 80's, and alongside Corrosion Of Conformity were one of the first bands to meld together the punk/metal divide. The album marks a definite progression from their 1983 debut Dirty Rotten LP. You still get moments of breakneck hardcore that flash by under a minute, but these are now interspersed with more lengthy thrashers, making this a more effective and varied release than the aforementioned debut. This is an album both metalheads and punks will be able to appreciate. From the fast and funny 'Madman' to the slightly more 'serious' and longer 'Nursing Home Blues', there's something here for everyone.


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