Dogma IVS - Dunkelheit und Licht



Release Date: 01.01.1970

Dogma IVS - Dunkelheit und Licht



Unfortunately for me I don't speak a word of German so I can't actually understand what on earth these dudes are singing about! My knowledge of German is tied down to saying hello and goodbye and asking where the nearest tourist Information is! I've never even been to Germany for christ' sake! This is one of the reasons that I find it hard to pin down what type of music is being played here. One thing I can say for sure is that this is once again from the metalcore side of things. Thunderously heavy riffs, double kick drums, and death metal style vocals. Jeez never heard this kind of music before! Musically this smells of Hatebreed again to me, mixed in what only can only be described as almost latter day Napalm Death type vocals (Fear, Emptiness, Despair era). They also sure do like their samples. At first this seemed quite effective, but after a while starts to get in the way of the music, even in some cases stopping the song entirely for at least 20 seconds sometimes longer. Samples can sometimes be effective as an aid to the music but these guys overuse them. Parts of the album sounds quite brutal and it must be said that the band are really at their best when they speed things up a bit, and go 'All out war', the slow parts become quite repetitive and are not particularly inventive or exciting. This release shows a lot of promise, but is let down by boring unimaginative riffs on the slower parts as well the excessive use of samples.


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