The Fire Still Burns - Good As New 7´´



Release Date: 01.01.1970
Datum Review: 03.01.2006

The Fire Still Burns - Good As New 7´´



Well you may have guessed it: That´s right we talk about old school hardcore the classic, melodic and true hardcore. This fine piece of an double coloured and limited 7´´ comes wrapped in a stylish box and some flame application. And fire is what it´s all about in this band that kicks ass from second one. Just think of what would have happened if Dag Nasty and Gunmoll played in the same decade of time, and a band has gotten influenced by these two harmonic monsters. Unfortunately there are only two songs on the record, but these will tease you and let you wish for more. True Shit! Get it while you can... I´m not absolutely sure where to get this record in germany but if you ask the nice people at Engineer kindly you will get it done somehow. Nice to see that the fire of good hardcore is still burning, while tough ass idiots rule the stages.


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