The Fyredogs - Hellfyre Rockers



Release Date: 01.01.1970

The Fyredogs - Hellfyre Rockers



Although not as awful as I originally thought, The Fyredogs are about as appealing to me as Sum 41! Pop-punk guitars mixed in with rock and roll attitude and old school heavy metal type vocals are the order of the day here. It must be said that these guys certainly achieve an um, ‘unique’ combination. Just looking at the photo of them posed as Manowar on motorbikes, it’s not hard to see that these lads certainly don’t take themselves very seriously, which is probably a good thing. For what they do they are fairly talented and the music does have a certain kind of catchiness to it which oozes melody. With songs titled ‘A man called mustache’ you can tell that they are not a band with any sort of political statement a la Earth Crisis. This is simply dumb ass punk and roll in the Electric Frankenstein direction. They also very similar to Sum 41 in that they combine pop punk with their love of cheesy old-school heavy metal has-beens Iron Maiden, Manowar and Judas Priest. The minor difference being that The ‘Dogs have more of a rock and roll element to them. If I liked this sort of music it would definitely get an 8, unfortunately I don’t and its stupidity and cheesiness mean I have no choice but to give it a…


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