V/A - Shudder To Think - Tribute



Release Date: 01.01.1970

V/A - Shudder To Think - Tribute



Shudder To Think were one of the most important post hardcore bands to emerge from the early 90’s along with Nation of Ulysses from Ian Mckaye’s excellent Dischord label. These guys went on to influence countless acts from Bluetip to At-the drive-in. What more fitting way to pay respect to such genius than a tribute album? Unfortunately I’ve never been too keen on tribute albums as I could never see the point to them, besides what’s the point listening to this when you’ve got the infinitely better original? The material covered here is for the main part from the Ten Spot/Funeral At The Movies albums, which to be fair is probably their best work. The latter work to be honest (from Get Your Goat onwards) I’m not too familiar with so I can’t make an honest judgement as to how good or accurate an interpretation they are (tracks 10-18). What you have here are 18 relatively unknown post hardcore/emo (or otherwise) bands covering their favourite STT songs. The tracks I am familiar with I can honestly say, to the most extent do the originals justice, especially Rydell’s interpretation of Heaven Ditty which sounds quite interesting and which does not just sound EXACTLY like the original, unlike say The Medicine Wheel’s version of Jade Dust Eyes where they copy the song note for note, even going so far as to sound exactly like vocalist Craig Wedren! The rest of the tracks covered from those first two albums are also quite decent versions as well, sometimes perhaps a little boring (I’m looking in your direction Meredith Bragg!), but still quite good. The rest of the covers are fairly competent covers (apart from track 13) of songs I’ve never heard. As far as tribute albums go this is probably one of the better one’s I’ve heard, though yet again your better off purchasing the originals.


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