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21.05.2007 - 21:53:15     Malkovich    

We have a very broad taste in music and we all like to attend techno or gabber parties from time to time, so we thought it would be fun to have a piece of techno music on our record. So we thought it would be cool to have our awesome friends of Aux Raus make an intro to one of our songs. It’s not inspired by any trend and it was long recorded before we heard about bands like Enter Shikari.

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30.11.2005 - 21:03:58     Malkovich    
Miriam hat die Band Malkovich verlassen. Ihr Statement dazu: \"After five years of rocking foundations and building criminal records I have decided to lay down my bunny-ears and leave Malkovich. Personal circumstances no longer enable me to join my buddies in their crusade for world domination. The past years have been a sequence of cool shows,... mehr »